Sunday morning sweetness

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to a community park gathering that included play time for the kids, social time for the adults and a delicious catered lunch (I almost had to roll my husband out of there when it was time to leave, he ate so much!). We met a bunch of awesome new people in the area and there were so many kids it was hard to keep track of them all! I came armed with my camera, of course:)

Of all the children running around I was particularly drawn to these sweet sisters. Being a mom of boys, I’m always intrigued with the personalities of girls. My adorable little subjects here were clearly sisters (the big bright eyes! the creamy skin!), but they each had such a unique way of approaching the world. I love that about sisters. So similar, yet so different. Anyway, I couldn’t resist sharing a few shots of these little beauties!

Meet Malia, Chenoa, and Soraya

Before I run off to catch my day, I have to mention that I’m still completely in awe of the way the people here have embraced our family and taken us in as one of their own! With all the playdates, dinner invites, and fun outings we’ve had it seems like we’ve been here so much longer than just a couple of months! We’re so grateful for this community and our new friends. So so grateful

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