How to Take Dating Profile Pictures: Tips for Guys

When planning to find your soulmate on a dating site, you shouldn’t forget about the simple rules that will increase your chances of success. First of all, it’s essential to think about high-quality photos to get more messages from cute ladies on

After all, it’s no secret that most visitors view profiles automatically and pay attention to those photos that caught their eye. Use our simple tips to attract more girls to your profile!


If you can, post a photo that shows you smiling to let women know that you are an open person who can be trusted. You can even laugh! It looks cool. You look more relaxed, open, kind, and sociable. Lots of men are embarrassed to smile and sometimes even believe that a smile doesn't suit them. A friendly expression always works! Don't doubt it.

Outfit Matters

Women, unlike men, look too closely at what you are wearing. A sloppy, greasy T-shirt can leave in the women's memory your image as an untidy guy. So, don't be lazy and take a photo in clean clothes. It doesn't have to be a suit. Women really like the home images of men in pleasant color sweaters, pullovers, and tracksuits.

Background Is Important

There should not be any foreign objects in the background and foreground. Don't cut out your face from a group photo, where you may have part of someone else's arm or leg. Most girls have a negative attitude towards such images. There should not be anything in the background that would negatively talk about you.

It's better to decide on a special background — you can take colorful pictures in nature, on vacation. A picture of a car you are standing in front of will also be unremarkable for a lady, as it might show you are bragging about it. Although, if you want to attract a self-serving girl who will bite your money — you can use your vehicle.

Be Careful With Photoshop

Being ashamed of their appearance, people often start editing their profile pictures. Everything begins with removing red eyes, wrinkles, changing the shape of the nose or breasts. Ladies can easily recognize Photoshop, and their attitude to you will no longer be trustworthy. Anyway, you want to be loved as you are. So, your picture should be as natural as possible.

Take Off Your Sunglasses

If you can't imagine what it's like to walk around without sunglasses because the sun is too bright in your eyes all year round — take them off at least for a good photo. When a person hides his eyes, it does not cause a desire to get acquainted with him. Not without reason, they say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul.

Save Half-Naked Photos for Later

It doesn't matter how athletic your body is and how much time you spend at the gym. Don't post your nude pictures in your profile. It's better to put them off for a private presentation. As weird as it may sound, girls looking for a serious relationship may be pushed away by such photos. They might think that you are a narcissist who loves only himself. Show off your pics as soon as you get the right opportunity.

Don't Post Old Pictures

No matter how great your old photos are, hide them away. Get them out when you have time to be nostalgic. You've changed over the years, and if your “young” photos attract girls on the site, meeting them in real life can be disappointing.

A photo for a dating site should be a reflection of you in person. A cheerful person will grab women's attention as soon as they look at your picture. So, find and take only those photos that express your inner state of happiness or use the services of a photographer and make a professional photo shoot.

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