How to Take Good Photos with Your Smartphone

Most of the rules for shooting with a smartphone are no different from the rules for a classic camera. However, it not always gives satisfactory results. Try the tips below and your photos will stand out on social networks. 

  • Wipe the lens of the smartphone before taking a photo 

The front lens stained with greasy fingers is a sure way to get blurry photos. The problem is solved simply: before you start taking pictures, just gently wipe the smartphone’s camera with a soft cloth.

  • Hold your smartphone tight and take your time

When photographing on a smartphone, try not to rush. The calmer and thoughtful you do everything, the better result you will get. Full stabilization will be able to smooth out the effects of sudden hand movements.

  • Take multiple photos of the same photo and check the result

It is not easy to do everything perfect from the first shot. Fortunately, defective photos can simply be deleted.

  • Carefully line up each photo

The less excess got into the camera’s lens, the less you will then crop. This operation inevitably reduces the resolution of the finished photograph – details become even more noticeable. So, it’s better to build a composition that you want to see as a result at the shooting stage.

  • Consider lighting features

Lighting is the most important thing for any photographer. The more light around, the better. If you want to make good portraits of friends or single girls picture, then don’t be too lazy to leave the dark room or at least go to the window. The window should be behind the photographer, not behind the models. Otherwise, their faces will be black.

  • Take pictures from non-standard angles

It just so happened that everyone basically sees the world from the height of human growth and that is why photos from non-standard angles look so impressive. Take a landscape through a slot in a beautiful fence, raise the camera high above your head or lower the lens to floor level. These simple actions will help you show seemingly ordinary photos from a completely new perspective.

  • Don’t neglect portrait modes 

Manufacturers of smartphones have recently done everything for users to have good portrait shots. Apple was particularly notable in this matter: the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X have a very cool Portrait Lighting mode. It allows you to add studio lighting effects to your finished photos.

  • Learn to improve your finished photos

Naturalness and realism are good but even an ordinary photo can be improved. And you won’t have to load it into the computer for this – the Google Play and the App Store are full of photo editing applications. Download them, try, and leave the ones you like. VSCO and Snapseed are the best mobile photo editors. 

  • Take photos as often as possible and seek inspiration

Photography is an art. If you want to achieve good results, then you need to develop in two directions. Firstly, look at photos of professionals in search of inspiration. Secondly, shoot as often as possible because you need more practice for better results.

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