Shake it Up

As I was taking a shower this morning I mindlessly leaned over to crank up the heat when I accidentally turned the knob to cold. As the frigid water shocked my system I, for reasons I’m not really sure of, resisted the urge to turn the water back to warm. I stood in the freezing water and waited. In a few short moments the initial discomfort washed away, leaving me cool and invigorated. I felt unbelievably refreshed! I couldn’t get enough of the feeling so I turned the knob even farther. Again the shock, again the zen.

So as it turns out, on this typical Wednesday, I thought I needed hot, but what I really needed was cold. And it occurs to me that I may not always be the best judge of my own needs. Like many people I get stuck in my head and in my habits. But now I’m wondering what else I’m getting wrong for myself? I’ve decided to spend at least the rest of the day figuring that out. Up instead of down, left instead of right, out instead of in. The possibilities are endless and that makes me super happy!

Want to know what else makes me super happy? A Mother’s Day playdate with new friends and their beautiful, smiling children : ) So much joy!



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Melissa Jean - May 17, 2012 - 1:08 pm

Love the blog header photo. What a perfectly divine image!!!

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